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Love Your Pet With Cleanest And Freshest Water!

pet drinking fountain

Introducing the world's first ever Electric pet fountain. The new way to keep all your pets hydrated. Don't ever worry about your pets getting dehydrated keeping them safe from kidney problems. 100% FDA approved

🔹Built-In blue LED light for your pet drink easier at night.

🔹Flowing water attracts pets to drink more water to keep them hydrated

🔹Perfect for ANY PET 

🔹Super Silent & Low Power Consumption

healthy cat

🔹High-performance carbon filters remove magnesium, calcium, chlorine, odors, and bacteria from tap water, and retains stray hairs, sediment, and debris.

🔹EASY wash and clean simply hand-wash with natural soap

🔹Non-toxic and BPA-FREE plastic design,

🔹Water Capacity: 1.8L/60ounces, 

🔹Include Turn off and on, switch

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  • Keep your Kitty Healthy: Helps to promote urinary tract health by ensuring your kitty is proper hydration.
  • Great for Whisker Sensitive Cats: Many cats become stressed when their whiskers are constantly brushed (known as whisker fatigue), this occurs while eating or drinking from a bowl that's too deep.
  • Attracts Their Attention: Cats at times can struggle with seeing the water level in a bowl. The sound of gurgling water lit by a blue LED light attracts their natural curiosity.
  • USB Compatible: Plugs in anywhere you have access to a USB port. 
  • Auto-shutoff feature: Turns off the pump when the water is too low, while the LED indicator light flashes red. 


1. Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before use and replace it every week (recommended) to two weeks to maintain water freshness. 
2. Please do not make the water exceed the line port position, in case water flow over the floor. 


    • With LED Light Feature
    • Auto shut off when water gets low
    • Water Capacity: 1.8L/60ounces
    • Size: L25 x W19.5 x H11cm / 10 x 8 x 4 inches

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